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Sign documents with eID easily, securely, and in a customer-friendly manner across Europe. Create a business account with unlimited users and try it for free.

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Easy, secure and fast

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Easy signing of digital documents

With a few clicks create your signature request and send documents for signing. Add a short message to the recipient and send it all in a few minutes.


Start workflows with a few clicks

Tailor your signature and approval flows and send documents to one or more signers. Easily select the order of your workflows, notification method and the type of signatures.


Get your contract signed 4x faster

As soon as the document is sent, the signer will receive a notification, either by email or text message. 80% of all contacts are signed on the same day, cutting your time-to-signature down to minutes.


Sign contracts - digitally

Collect signatures - easily and digitally

Quickly upload and send your document. The signer receives it instantly and signs it on the screen* or with their national eID, all the while the document is saved automatically. It is as simple as that to collect signatures with Addo Sign. Eliminate the cycle of printing, signing, scanning and emailing back and forth, and free up time for other, more meaningful tasks and cut turnaround time in half.

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Designed for teams

Easy to start with, easier to send with

Addo Sign's intuitive solution allows anyone to create and send documents for digital signing. Create an account, upload a document, and send it to the signee in minutes. Unlike the handwritten signature, a digital signature can not be forged and is a much safer option. Addo Sign is a streamlined signing solution, designed for companies of all sizes - from small teams looking to increase productivity to large companies wishing to optimise their paper based processes.

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Unlimited number of users

Easy rights management and unlimited number of users. Simply create multiple users under one corporate account, at no extra cost.

Microsoft Office

Send signature requests directly from Microsoft Word through Addo Sign’s plug-in. You are also able to upload ready-made PDFs directly into the solution.

Protect sensitive data

Addo Sign regulates the use and storage of personal data belonging to EU citizens. Complies with eIDAS, ISAE 3000, ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001.

Easy for your customers

Only 3 clicks between you and the signee

Your customers can sign the document on any device. That can be a PC, tablet or a phone and no Addo Sign account is required. It takes only three clicks to send a request for an electronic signature. The signee receives a link via email, clicks to review the document, and signs it either on the screen or with their national eID. Immediately thereafter, you will receive the document and the signee will receive a copy.

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Industries & departments

Digital signing for all industries

Addo Sign is for everyone, regardless of the industry or department you work in - private or public. Below we have gathered a selection of industries that benefit from Addo Sign. If you don’t see your industry, don’t worry, you can still use and take advantage of all the benefits of Addo Sign.

Human Resources
Accounting and Tax
Property Management
Financial Services
Energy & Utilities
Debt recovery


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Top notch security

Addo Sign delivers the highest level of security

Addo Sign has been developed in accordance with the highest security standards and in accordance with the requirements of the privacy ordinanece and other laws on privacy. Likewise, we have fully take care of data security, and no sensitive personal information is transferred in clear text. All transactions and actions are logged and documented.

We update Addo Sign regularly, so that you can be sure that you company with all legal and technical requirements at all time - even if new rules are introduced in the mean time.

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"A colleague was super excited the first time she used Addo Sign, because she got a contract returned from both parties in a matter of hours. We have never tried that before."

Carina Salmon
Business Solution Specialist, NCC

Collect information with ease

User-friendly forms for all purposes

Now it’s easier than ever to gather information from employees, suppliers, leads and job seekers. In Addo Sign you can make your document fillable and obtain information from employees and customers faster than ever before. If you need to collect information, just add text, date or checkboxes.

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Nordic and European standards for digital identification

Why choose Addo Sign?

Lower admin costs

Sending out a contract for signing comes with a number of tasks - like stations on a journey from A to B. Addo Sign minimises the number of stations and shortens the journey. It saves you time and reduces admin costs.

Protect your business

Naturally, we never want to have to bring agreements to court, but when we do, we prefer to have a clear burden of proof. An agreement signed with Addo Sign is legally binding and in accordance with the rules, and all actions in the signature process are stored together with the agreement and can be submitted to the judicial system.

First-class user experience

Digital signing and document management online, anytime, anywhere. Delight customers, partners and employees with a first-class signing experience. Our customer support speaks your language and makes it easy to get started.

Reduce use of paper

It is not necessary to print, sign and scan documents. It is neither good for the environment nor the wallet. Addo Sign creates a seamless user experience, so that you and your signers do not have to handle paper.

Attractive price

Unlike other solutions on the market, we communicate our prices as they are. We have no hidden fees. With a Basic subscription, you do not have to commit to a monthly subscription, although with a fixed subscription, it becomes even cheaper to send documents for signing.

Strong organisation

The Nordic IT powerhouse twoday is behind Addo Sign. This is your guarantee of quality and continued development. Addo Sign is already integrated in a large number of solutions in the market. That is why it is important for you and us that it is and continues to be a first-class solution.

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