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Addo Sign for accounting and tax makes it a whole lot easier for meet your clients’ legal, financial and tax demands faster.
An all-in-one software enabling you to execute, file and digitally sign documents.

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Streamlined contract signing processes

Spend less time on administative tasks

During a typical workday an auditor handles a number of different documents, from financial statements, declarations of completeness to minutes. What ties all these documents is the need for a signature on them.

With Addo Sign it becomes much easier to to collect signatures, as everything is done digitally and automatically.

With a single overview of all documents and recipients, you will gain a full insight into the signing process and the status of documents. And if someone hasn’t completed what is expected of them, an automatic reminder will make sure that they are aware of the task.

"We have set up Addo Sign so that reminders are sent automatically if a document is not signed. As a result the number of pending cases has been reduced."

- Leif Stolberg-Rohr Nørskov, State authorised auditor, Revision Vadestedet

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Powerful features for accounting professionals

Reduce paper work with forms

Collect information from clients with our user-friendly forms, fillable on any device.


Automate routines with templates

Save frequently used documents as templates and share them with your team members.


Stay on track with reminders

Avoid manual follow-up. Setup automatic reminders or choose manual reminders as well.


Flexible signature flows

When the annual accounts need to be signed by both the CEO, the chairman of the board, the chief financial officer and the auditor, it can quickly take a lot of time to send it back and forth.

That process is simplified with Addo Sign. You can easily send a document out for approval to several at the same time. You can readily create a role-based workflow and choose for the documents to be signed in a certain order. Once the document is signed by one individual it automatically goes to the next one on the list. It’s that easy to customise the workflows to suit your needs.

Low price without any commitment

Addo Sign delivers digital signing at the lowest prices in the market. You only pay for the signatures and services you use. No subscriptions or commitments.

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