Addo Sign

Complete solution for managing digital signature flows. When one party needs to sign or contracts need to be sent to many signatories, Addo Sign. 

Simple eSign solution with advanced functionality

Addo Sign is the easiest and most advanced solution at the same time. It can be used out-of-the-box and you can start today. But can also be expanded with advanced functionality to suit your needs.

User-friendliness at its best

When contracts need to be sent for signing, whether one or more people need to sign, the ease of use is top-notch. Upload the document, assign recipients, write a short message, and hit send - it's that simple.

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Signature workflow

Handling simple and advanced signature workflows. Ensure the most seamless handling of any signature transaction. 


Create flows and templates that can be used again and again, making it quick to initiate a new signing process.


Automatically send reminders to the signer, ensuring that documents are returned without the need to send reminders manually.


One license provides your company with unlimited users. This is completely unique compared to other solutions in the market.


Use your own company logo and color so the signer recognizes your brand.


Use our API and a range of integration options to integrate Addo Sign into your business systems.

Probably the most flexible solution on the market

Use Addo Sign as it is or expand with components that ensure an optimal everyday life for you and your customers. 

Functionality already included

Regardless of subscription, all functionality is already included

Unlimited users

A subscription gives your business unlimited users. Making it the most valuable solution on the market.

High standards

Addo Sign Qualified Electronic Signatures are better proof than handwritten signatures.

Protected against fraud

Documents signed with Addo Sign are secure against forgery and backdating.


Use Addo Sign in English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, and Dutch.

Audit trail

See all actions performed by users via a detailed list of events.

Data merging

Automate data cleansing in contracts and send them to hundreds or thousands of signatories in one go.

Simple overview

Clear overview of all ongoing signature processes.


Reduce your workload and automate the reminder process.

Secure file transfer

Easily encrypt and send confidential files so no one can intercept them.

Google Drive

Upload your signed documents directly to your Google Drive.

Microsoft Office

Send documents directly from MS Office or any other Windows program with Addo Print plug-in.


Use your own company logo and color so the signer recognizes your brand.

80% sign the same day

Minimal administration

Addo Sign handles the entire process and ensures that the contract is returned signed. Due to the simple process for the signer, time is minimized and the contract is returned faster. On average, 80% sign the same day the document is received. 

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Integrates easily with other digital business solutions

Addo Sign can automatically send signed contracts to your other IT solutions. This can be to e-Boks, Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint via Zapier. In addition, Addo Sign is integrated directly into many partner solutions, so the signing process starts directly in your software solution.


Unlimited users

Addo Sign has unlimited users in all our subscriptions. This means that your company only needs one license, no matter how many users are on the solution.

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Use freely

Create as many users as your business needs. No extra licenses are required.

Anyone can sign

You don't need an Addo Sign user to sign, it only requires an account if you need to send documents for signing.

No sign, no fee

You only pay when the recipient signs, so if the recipient chooses not to sign, you don't pay for any signature.

Merger of mail

When the same contract is to be sent to many recipients in one operation, but there are still minor variations such as name, address, etc., letter merging in Addo Sign is ingenious and time-saving.

Audit trail

See all actions performed by users via a detailed list of events.


Send automatic reminders to signers to ensure documents are signed and returned on time.
Brilliant overview

Follow the signing process minute-by-minute

Once the contract is sent, you can track what happens afterward. Is the notification opened? When are the attached documents opened? Does the recipient leave the documents without completing the signing?

SMS, Email, digital mail

Automatic notifications

The recipient is automatically notified when something is sent for signature. Notifications can be sent as SMS, email, or in Danes' e-Boks. If documents are not signed on time, reminders are automatically sent. The contract will be returned.

eSigning Flows

Signature workflows for every need

Create and use flows when multiple recipient groups need to sign documents but in a specific order. For example, real estate transactions, annual accounts, and board work. Flows are created as templates and can easily be used again and again. 

Sign easily and securely in Denmark, the Nordics, and the entire EU

Addo Sign supports multiple ways of signing. Touch signing is essentially the same as signing your signature to acknowledge receipt of a package. It's quick and easy, but can also be forged. For legal documents, for example, you can use MitID or BankID as the signature method. 

eIDAS brings together all official European identification standards, so you can send documents for signature in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and other European countries, and be sure that the signature you received from an Italian party is the right person.

Benefits of Addo Sign as told by customers

"Everything just made things faster and we have a full overview of the signing process".

"Templates are great because we can have different flows and texts depending on whether it's an employment flow or a sales contract".

"We have better security and evidence than our traditional signature processes, especially now that everything is online".

"We used to send a lot of physical contracts, but we've stopped that completely. So we save both paper and postage".

"We find that signed contracts are returned much faster. Our customers also express that they find it easy to".

"We started out using it in a simple way, but over time we've built really smart flows that make things a lot easier for us".

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