Digital signing for the public sector

Create efficient workflows and minimize the need for administration when interacting with citizens, employees, parents and communities.

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Essential features for public sector employees

Mail merge

A built-in mail merge feature that makes it simple, easy and fast to send documents to many different recipients. All it requires is a merge file and associated word document with merge fields inserted.


Digital forms

Customize your signature and approval workflows, reuse them from time to time and make it easy for customers, employees and citizens to fill in information digitally.



Validate your recipients by their social security number and be sure that confidential documents are handled securely and that the right person is receiving them.


Digital signature with integration to Digital Post and MitID

With a Digital Post integration, you as a public authority will be ready to distribute documents for digital signing. You can thus meet citizens in accordance with the common public principles for the use of digital mail, also when it comes to obtaining electronic signatures on documents.
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Less manual paperwork to better serve your community

Save your employees, business partners and citizens the hassle of having to print and scan documents in order to return them back to you. Instead, allow them to sign directly on the touchscreen at once.

It is much easier for everyone involved and the case processing doesn’t have to be paused until the signed document is returned. Avoid the waiting time and the hassle of sending the document back and forth. And should someone forgets to answer, Addo Sign can automatically send reminders. Easy, safe and efficient.

Addo Form is easy to fill and gives great results

Easily completed on your phone, tablet or computer. Doesn't require high IT or user skills. The completed information can be automatically transferred to any of your company's PDF forms, so the final document can be designed to your exact specifications.


Top-notch legitimacy and data protection

Addo Sign fully complies with both the technical and legal requirements of GDPR and the General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore, sensitive personal data will never be sent as a simple text.

On the other hand, all transactions and actions are automatically registered, so you always have full control over the documentation.

Unlimited users

Create multiple users under one account at no extra cost and with easy rights management.

Secure identification

Recipients can identify themselves with MitID when signing documents digitally.

Data protection

Addo Sign handles data use and storage in accordance with GDPR.

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