Save time with digital forms for employment contracts

Electronic employment contracts make it easy to collect information and signatures from new employees. Everything happens digitally, automatically and in less than 5 minutes.

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Powerful features for retail companies

Rapid completion of employment contracts

Automatic signing flows and subsequent archiving.


100% in accordance with the Privacy Ordinance

Automatic logging and encrypted mailings.


Decentralised processes

Use contract templates for the different types of positions via a central system.


Easier collection of employee information

The new employee enters on its own their information digitally.


Efficient for all

Everything can be done directly on the screen - also from the mobile phone.


Save time and money

Reduce administration costs to a minimum.


How it works

The employee fills in their information in a digital form.

Send the contract digitally to the employee immediately after the information has been entered.

The employee can sign digitally and send the contract back immediately.

We also help other customers with digital forms

Automate the flow of employment contracts in retail

In large parts of the retail trade, staff is employed on fixed-term contracts, such as students with part-time jobs in supermarkets and retail chains or seasonal assistance during Christmas. This means that you as an employer have a busy job of managing employment contracts for a large number of employees who are constantly replaced.

Rapid completion of employment contracts

With Addo Sign, new employees can fill in their information themselves via a digital form, and you can send them the contract as soon as the form has been submitted. The new employees can then sign digitally - either by signing with their finger on the screen of the mobile phone, or with the PC mouse on a computer - and return the contract in signed condition immediately. The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes, and is incredibly efficient if you have many part-time employees or are planning to hire many people at once.

Efficient decentralised processes

In Addo Sign you can also save all contract templates for different job types. This means that you are always sure that the latest version of the employment contracts is used, and you get a full overview of how many contracts are sent out. Simple, safe and efficient.

What types of employment contracts can you use with Addo Sign?

Addo Sign's customers usually use two types of employment contracts:

  • eastemployment contracts for hourly-paid employees (incl. seasonal workers)
  • eastemployment contracts for employees with monthly wages

Employment contracts for hourly-paid employees

Most seasonal workers are employed on an hourly-paid contract. This means that employees are paid based on the number of hours they work during the pay period. For example, it is common to hire Christmas assistance in shops, waiters and students to work on an hourly basis. They are often employed in temporary positions with a lot of staff turnover, and therefore you as employers can save a lot of time on optimising the hiring process.

Employment contracts for employees with a monthly salary

Although seasonal help is rarely hired with a monthly salary, there can still be employees who receive a monthly salary - no matter how long their working hours are. Employees with a monthly salary do not necessarily have to be full-time employees, since part-time employees can also receive a monthly salary.

Top beveiliging

Addo Sign fully complies with both the technical and legal requirements of the Privacy Ordinance and other privacy laws. Therefore, sensitive personal information will never be sent as plain text.

In return, all transactions and actions are automatically tracked, so you always have full control over the documentation.

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