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Integrations with popular solutions

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HR solutions


Easy, complete and user-friendly HR system for all your HR tasks. With 2people you get a complete HR solution that can be used for all your HR tasks.

DXC Staff Planning

DXC Staff Planning is an online-based solution that makes it easy to plan shifts, record time, automate payroll processing and provides a full overview to its users.


Evity helps you improve your HR processes. A tool that solves HR challenges and helps managers develop their employees in an easy way.

Visma Agda PS

Agda PS handles payroll and HR in the same place. Perfect for companies that not only need a payroll system, but also want to take care of their employees in a flexible way.

CRM & sales


Briva CRM makes it easy for you to manage customer data, activity log and sales process.

Sikker Handel

If you are selling or buying something and you want to be sure of the conditions for you as a seller or buyer, use the Secure Commerce service.

Property Management & Real Estate Solutions


Boligflow is an all-in-one property management solution that helps automate and streamline your tasks and processes.


Fenistra is a leading supplier of services and systems to companies that own, operate or manage property. A system with unrivaled functionality for efficient management of property values.


The Housing and Business system is used daily in more than 150 real estate businesses. Flexya is a simple and efficient all-in-one solution for your business.

Tryggbudgivning is a safe and simple website for electronic bidding. With BankID, the estate agent can identify the bidder, and bids and bid increases are submitted electronically.


Webmegler is one of the most widespread web-based system solutions for the real estate industry in Norway. Webmegler ensures efficient work processes in all phases of a real estate assignment.


Webtemp is a complete professional system within the delivery and recruitment of personnel. Webtemp is made for all companies that need and want an overview of employees, hours and customers.

Sales processing and document management


Dealstack is developing workflows that create space for private equity professionals to collaborate more effectively. The goal is to end outdated deal management practices.

Microsoft Office

With the Addo Print plug-in installed, you can send documents for signing directly from e.g. Microsoft Word or other programs on your computer.

Google Drive

Integrate with Google Drive and let Addo Sign automatically store all signed documents in Google Drive. This saves a lot of manual work.


Zapier is an automation tool that makes it possible to integrate web applications, transfer data from one platform to another and automate workflows.

Digital post

Send documents directly to your digital mailbox from the public sector. Addo Sign easily integrates with Digital Post so you can send documents to your recipients through it.


Send signed documents to any email address. This can be set up as a fixed distribution flow.


With Secure File Transfer Protocol, you can send signed documents to your own servers and create unique workflows.


JCD has been providing IT for businesses for more than 30 years. With JCD, you get a Digital Signature for your WorkPoint 365 or Microsoft 365.
This digitizes the processes around signatures.


Visma Dinero

Dinero is a free accounting software for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Create and send electronic invoices, post your purchase receipts and do your VAT accounting all from your browser.