An effective tool for collecting signatures across your worksites

Simplify and streamline the process of managing construction proposals, invoices, cost forecasts and daily reports with digital signatures.

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Powerful features for construction companies

Start working on projects faster

Create fillable construction forms and collect information with eases. Fill out from anywhere and on any device.


Save time creating contracts

With templates you can save frequently used documents and reuse them over and over. Reduce document creation time by 70%.


Stay on track with reminders

Avoid manual follow-up. Setup automatic reminders and never worry about your documents after you send them.


Get documents signed in seconds - either from the construction site or the company car

If you need a signature from an employee, partner or perhaps a customer, it can be done easily and quickly with Addo Sign - regardless where they are physically.

Even if they are on the construction site or in the company car, far away from the computer and the printer, they can sign directly on the mobile phone. This will allow you to get your document signed in an instant.

All you have to do is send the document - Addo Sign takes care of the rest using a series of automated processes that also include proper archiving. And if someone forgets to answer, Addo Sign will send a reminder - completely automatically.

Underskriv digitalt hvor end du befinder dig

"A colleague was ecstatic the first time she used Addo Sign as she had received back the contract from both parties within a few hours. We had never tried that before."

- Carina Salmon, Business Solution Specialist, NCC

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Addo Sign is already implemented in a number of construction companies across Scandinavia

Achieve more with digital signatures

Both you and the recipient avoid worrying about printing contracts and scanning them again. This means that you save time on every single signature you need to collect from customers, subcontractors, business partners and others - time you could spend out on the construction site.

You also save money on paper and postage since everything is done digitally. Easy, fast and secure.

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