End-to-end digital signing for energy and utility companies

Easily obtain signatures on any sort of document from your consumers.
Streamline workflows and retire your paper based processes.

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Powerful features for energy companies

Collect information with forms

Collect information from clients, vendors and coworkers with our user-friendly forms. Fill out from anywhere and on any device.


Save time with templates

With templates you can save frequently used documents and reuse them over and over. Reduce document creation time by 70%.


Stay on track with reminders

Avoid manual follow-up. Setup automatic reminders and never worry about your documents after you send them.


Take control of the contract management process and make it easier to be a customer

As a utility company, you send many documents to your customer, partners and own units - either by letter or directly to users’ digital mailboxes. Many of those documents must be returned in a signed state. This can be a cumbersome and lengthy affair if the recipients have to print, sign, scan and send the documents back to you.

Fortunately, there is an easier way. Send the document with Addo Sign and let the customer sign directly on the mobile phone. Everything having to do with reminders, archiving and documentation also happens automatically. You get control and overview of the entire process, save time and get a sustainable solution that benefits everyone.

Med Visma Addo kan I underskrive dokumenter direkte på mobilen

Keep track of all your documents automatically

With the many stakeholders and projects in the energy industry, there are also many documents that must be signed quickly. But which ones have you sent out, which ones have been returned and which ones are outstanding?

You can quickly get an overview of this with Addo Sign. All activity is logged automatically, so you always can see how far the documents have progressed. And if a signature is missing, Addo Sign will send out a reminder automatically.

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