Digital signing and forms in the utilities sector

Minimise costs and create efficient workflows for employees, authorities, contractors and customers.

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Streamlining workflows at utility companies 

Utility companies face many situations where it is necessary to collect information and signatures on documents. Addo Sign can automate and strengthen business in this area and we already do this for many utilities.

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Benefits of digital signing and online forms 

Utility companies face many situations where it is necessary to collect information and sign documents. This is where Addo Sign can empower and automate the business in a way that benefits both the business and customers.

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Customer enrolment contracts

When customers sign up for services such as electricity, water, gas or heat, they must sign agreements that specify terms of supply and prices.

Changing customer information

Changes to customer information, such as address changes or changing billing information, often require customer approval.

Consumption agreements

Specific agreements on usage patterns, peak periods or supply guarantees may require customer signature.

Service disconnection and restoration

Service interruption due to non-payment or restoration after payment often requires agreements that may require signatures.

Connection agreements

When connecting new properties to the network, signatures are required on connection agreements covering technical specifications and connection fees.

Service contracts

Maintenance and servicing of infrastructure such as meters, lines and pipes may require service contracts to be signed by both the customer and the utility company.

Energy efficiency programmes

Participation in energy saving or renewable energy programmes may require signatures on terms and conditions agreements.

Emergency response plans

In situations of power failure or other emergencies, signatures may be required on documents related to emergency response plans and protocols.

Excavation permits

Obtain necessary authorisations from customers, authorities and contractors for construction work and get complete control of processes and documentation.

"75% manual labour saved. Time-to-market has been strengthened and a fast service of our customers achieved."

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Efficiency and speed

Digital signing enables fast and efficient approval of contracts and documents. This is essential for energy companies and other utilities where time-sensitive decisions and contract approvals often play a critical role in maintaining infrastructure and ensuring continuous service.


Safety and regulatory compliance

The security of digital signatures is high as they utilise encryption technologies and unique identifiers for each user. This ensures that documents cannot be forged and that signatures are legally binding. Compliance with national and international data protection and privacy laws is also ensured, which is critical for regulated industries like utilities.


Eco-friendly and cost-effective

By minimising the need for paper-based processes, digital signing contributes to environmental protection and reduces the cost of printing, shipping and storing physical documents. This also supports companies' sustainability initiatives and goals to reduce their environmental footprint.


Accessibility and flexibility

Employees in operations and utilities companies often work on the road or in remote locations. Digital signing allows them to sign documents from any device and location, ensuring that business processes can continue uninterrupted, regardless of employees' physical location.


Integration with other systems

Digital signature solutions can be easily integrated with other IT systems, ensuring seamless workflow and data flow between different departments and systems. Integration can improve data integrity and reduce the risk of errors.


Private and public forms

In addition to being sent by email, Addo Forms can also be accessed directly from a website via a public link and be included as a fixed form that anyone can access and fill out. This makes sense in the case of a registration form, moving form or any other situation where structured information needs to be collected.


Contracts, online forms and agreements

Sign construction contracts easily and conveniently and use electronic forms to collect information and photo documentation. There are many ways to streamline your workday. 

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Legitimacy and top-notch data protection

Addo Sign fully complies with both the technical and legal requirements of GDPR and the General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore, sensitive personal data will never be sent as a simple text.

On the other hand, all transactions and actions are automatically recorded so you always have full control over documentation.

Unlimited users

Create multiple users under one account at no extra cost and with easy rights management.

Secure identification

Recipients can identify themselves with MitID, Swedish or Norwegian BankID when signing documents digitally.

Data protection

Addo Sign handles data use and storage in compliance with GDPR.