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Simplify the administrative procedures and let your educators and temps sign employment contracts digitally.

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Powerful features for educational institutions

Save time on administration

Send employment contracts digitally to educators.


100% privacy safe

Secure handling of teachers and students personal data.


Get started quickly

No time-consuming installation - get started in minutes.


Efficient processes

Avoid sending reminders for approvals from teachers, school leaders and boards - it happens automatically.


Efficient for all

Declarations of consent from pupils, parents and students can be signed digitally - also from the mobile phone.


Easier archiving

Save time - signed documents are archived automatically.


Spend less time on administration

It can be a lengthy process to get employment contracts signed and manage allowances from educators. It can quickly take a long time to send contracts and documents back and forth and beg for answers. But not with Addo Sign.

Get digital signatures from teachers in minutes

With digital signatures, you automatically save time on administration. It only takes a few minutes from the time you send an employment contract to an educator until you have it returned - signed and securely filed.

Everything can be done digitally and is done automatically. It is easy for both educators and the recruitment committee. And the administration avoids many hours of manual work.

Automatically keep track of all documents

There can quickly be many employment contracts, supplementary registrations, declarations of consent, absence notices and diplomas that must be signed and sent securely. Here you can easily lose track.

With Addo Sign, all activities are logged automatically so you can always see how far your documents have come in the signing process.

Make it easy for students to enroll

It can be difficult for parents to enroll their child into school. The registration phase can be difficult as there are many forms and declarations of consent that must be signed - anything from photo consent to info about the special needs of a child.

Addo Sign makes it easier. You can set up automated flows so it all happens on its own. Let the parents sign all documentation digitally and have them return everything to you in a few minutes. Easy, fast and secure.

Underskriv dokument direkte på skærmen

For example, use Addo Sign for:

With Addo Sign, you get access to more than just a digital signature - you can obtain information, data for planning, files and much more using forms. We call this Addo Forms, and it can be used for:

  • eastRegistrations for study and camp trips
  • eastConfidential info about students special needs
  • eastPhoto consent forms
  • eastAbsence notices and warnings

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