Addo Form

Create your own forms and make it easy for customers, employees and citizens to fill out electronic forms.

Create efficient digital forms

Addo Form handles all the processes that traditional PDF forms can't handle and makes it simple and user-friendly to receive, fill in, and manage e-forms. Addo Form turns everything into an easy and customer-friendly digital self-service process, and as a business, everything becomes smoother, easier, and above all efficient.

Public forms

A public link to a digital form is used when filling out needs to be initiated from your website or email. Typically used by insurance and pension companies, banks, HR, and leasing companies.

Active initiation 

You initiate the filling out of the form from Addo Sign, which then sends a notification and a link for completion.


eForms are created as templates, so they can be used to meet precise business needs and can be used again and again.

Easy to fill and great results

Easily completed on a phone, tablet, or computer. Doesn't require high IT or user skills. The completed information can be automatically transferred to any of your company's PDF forms, so the final document can be designed to your exact specifications.


Seamless experience

Create a cohesive digital user experience - This can include digital signing and secure distribution to Digital Post, Zapier, Mail, SFTP, and more.
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Completed forms can deliver data directly into the company's own PDF forms, resulting in a neat outcome. 


Addo Form manages the entire process. You are thus in control and have an overview of ongoing and completed form fillings.

eID login

Can be used with MitID, BankID and eIDAS so you know exactly who filled out the form and avoid all forms of fraud.

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Succeed with digital forms in your business

We want our customers to succeed with the digitalization of forms and flows. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us first to get a proper introduction and talk about how Addo Form can streamline your workday.

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Efficiency for multiple industries

The need for secure and simple completion of electronic forms is common in many industries. The right solution will simplify your workday and ensure a consistent and good customer experience. Addo Sign can be used out-of-the-box, but for our large customers, Addo Sign is built into their existing business IT.

Human resources

Easily and simply gather information from employees or as an information form in connection with the hiring of new employees. 


Eliminate the paper-based health forms at the clinic and collect health information from patients digitally. It's easier for everyone.

Leasing companies

Quick and easy enter information into a leasing contract, which is simultaneously signed, ensuring you have a legally valid contract.  

Bank and Pension

Collecting and GDPR handling of customer information through MitID login ensures that the correct person has filled out the form securely.


Easily gather student information and consent from parents, ensuring you have all the correct information before the start of school and proper documentation.

Contractors and craftsmen

Easily and quickly enter into agreements and permissions. For example, between contractor and customer or between contractors. 

Frequently asked questions

Addo Forms is a feature for creating electronic forms, making it possible to quickly create contract flows, questionnaires, or other information collection.

Maybe you already have Addo Form through your subscription. If so, just start using it. If you have Addo Form, it will appear when you log in to Addo Sign. Here you will see the menu item Addo Form.

Addo Form is included in some of our Addo Sign subscriptions, but can also be purchased if you have an Addo Starter subscription and want to be able to create and send online forms.

Learn more about our subscriptions

The best thing to do is to contact our support, they'll be happy to give you a full introduction to get you off to the best start. Go to our support site and contact them in the chat. Here you can ask for an introduction to Addo Form.


A solution for you?

If Addo Form can solve your needs and challenges - or if you are interested in learning more, please contact us.