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Get access to invaluable consulting services, extra hands on daily tasks and premium support on all our Addo products.

Service subscription that helps you make first-class digitalization with Addo

With an Addo Services subscription, we provide various services to assist you, such as template creation, mass distribution setup, integration management, educational support, expedited assistance, and inspiration for optimizing daily administrative tasks, digital paperwork, and digitalization.

Only 40 EUR a month for Addo Services Subscription for your company. Sign up today.

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Unlimited assistance

A service subscription includes unlimited consultant assistance. You make it easy for yourself and also save a good amount of money. The price without a subscription is 900 euro per hour.

Hot Contact

Hot contact and quick response. Get a dedicated phone number so you can quickly get in touch with us.

Consultant help

Guidance and advice on optimizing digitalization within your company or team. Our goal is to inspire you and maximize your digital efficiency.

Template and Signing Workflow

Setting up templates and signature flows to meet your requirements for a fast and streamlined process.

Building integrations

We provide assistance in configuring standard integrations, allowing you to seamlessly use Addo Sign with a wide range of integration solutions.

Mass distribution

When the same document needs to be sent to many customers or employees. We ensure a correct setup based on your recipient list.

Merge fields in word

Help for creating data merge fields in a Microsoft Word document so that it can be included in a mass mailing.


Setting up a digital form

Get help creating a digital form that can be used for effective information collection. We set up the form based on your needs and wishes.

Integrate PDF form with Addo Form

We set up your PDF form so it can be easily filled out through Addo Form and be part of workflows.

Unlimited courses

Contact us when there is a need for conducting an online mini-course. The course is not just a video, but an online session with one of our consultants.

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Basic course

The course is held exclusively for you and your colleagues, which means it can be tailored to your use of Addo products.

Course administrator

Learn everything about setup, configuration, and user management, making you a superuser in all the administrative aspects of Addo Sign.

Your course

If you have specific wishes for a course within your organization, discuss it with us, and we will create a course or training session entirely according to your preferences

Get tasks done quickly and efficiently

Get the most out of your Addo subscription and leverage all the possibilities without having to be a specialist in our software. With a service subscription, we handle specific tasks and ensure that your business has efficient digital processes.

40 € is a small price for a significant service

A service subscription includes unlimited consultant assistance. You make it easy for yourself and also save a good amount of money. The price without a subscription is 900 euro per hour.

Get Addo Service

Questions and Answers

Not at all, all customers have support included in their subscription and have access to daily support, written guides, and assistance via chat and email.

You don't need an Addo Service subscription to use Addo products. It is solely an extended service that ensures you not only have access to enhanced support but can also assign tasks to us that you would otherwise handle yourself. Think of us as the specialists and your Addo colleagues who can assist with tasks.

Everyone in the company can use the Addo Service subscription. 

Of course, if you no longer need your Addo Service subscription, just contact us. We won't ask any questions. The decision is entirely yours. There is a 3-month commitment period. So termination is minimum 3 months plus current month.

Yes, regardless of whether you have an Addo 10, Addo 50, or Addo 100 subscription. Even Addo Starters can benefit from our services. And Addo Service is automatically included in all Enterprise subscriptions.

Get Addo Services

Yes, I want Addo Service company subscription for 40 eur/month. Fill out the information below and be contacted for an final agreement and introduction.