Faster and cheaper debt collection

Makes it easier for debtors to repay debt, while cutting administrative costs.

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Streamlined contract signing processes

Easy signing of promissory notes and installment plans

A voluntary settlement is an important part of effective debt collection. And with Addo Sign, the debtor can easily sign and return the debtor declaration and installment plan.

The obstacle to printing, scanning and sending documents is eliminated. All this is done digitally and automatically. Thus, the path from thought to action also becomes shorter for the debtor, who can get his debt out of the world in an easier way.

Powerful features for debt recovery

Faster collection

Easy for the debtor to acknowledge debt.


Send reminders automatically

Addo Sign automatically follows up on agreements that lack a signature.


Easier to get the deal in place

Make the path from thought to action shorter.


Easy to sign

You can sign on all devices - including your mobile.


Integrates with the IT system you use

Send documents directly to and from your system.


Save time and money

Reduce administration costs to a minimum.


Spend less time on adminstration

Debt recovery can be a daunting and costly process - sometimes so much that it does not pay off.

However, Addo Sign eliminates the administrative burden that quickly can inflate the costs.

This means that you can keep expenses down to a level that suits the work effort and the debt to be recovered.

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