KYC forms for effective onboarding of new customers

Provide better experiences for employees and customers by digitising internal and consumer-facing agreement procedures with electronic signatures.

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Powerful features for banking professionals

Intelligent KYC forms

They change based on what the customer responds to, thus reducing the potential for errors to a minimum.


Open API - easy system integration

The form is sent back to the adviser via Addo Sign, and all data is stored directly in the banks system.


GDPR compliant - enhanced security

Secure handling of customer data, automatic logging and encrypted shipments.


Clear and verifiable sender

The customer can see in their digital mailbox that the message has actually been sent by the bank (and is not spam).


Better customer experience

The solution is intuitive to fill in and use, which improves the customer experience.


Role-based signing

Send to multiple recipients and decide the order in which to sign.


How it works

The customer receives a link to the KYC form, which is filled in and signed.

Advisor approves or rejects the customer's identification.

Data is delivered to a central banking system.

Simple, safe and efficient onboarding process

Make the whole process of onboarding new private customers, corporate customers and associations less cumbersome and time consuming. With intelligent digital KYC forms for verifying client’s identity, case processing is streamlined while administrative work is reduced to a minimum.

It is simple and effective. The customer receives a link to a form, fills it out and signs it digitally. The forms are "intelligent" and change based on what the customer answers, thus reducing the potential for errors to a minimum. After signing, the KYC form is automatically sent to the advisor for approval.

When the form is returned to the adviser via Addo Sign, all the data is automatically entered into the bank's core system via an open API.

With Addo Sign, the entire process is efficient and 100% in accordance with the Privacy Ordinance.

Briefly about KYC

KYC is an abbreviation for "Know Your Customer".
For banks and other players in the financial sector, there are special requirements for KYC as part of the laws to combat money laundering. It is about getting to know customers in order to prevent cooperation with counterparties involved in money laundering and terrorist financing.

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We also help other customers with the KYC process

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Addo Sign fully complies with both the technical and legal requirements of the Privacy Ordinance and other privacy laws. Therefore, sensitive personal information will never be sent as plain text.

In return, all transactions and actions are automatically tracked, so you always have full control over the documentation.

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