Addo Vault

Automatically archive contracts in the cloud when they are signed with Addo Sign. The entire signing and archiving process is automated with a single click.

Archiving signed documents made simple

Addo Vault is the easiest way to store signed contracts, ensuring they are not lost and can always be found. All you need to do is activate Addo Vault in your Addo Sign account. Addo Vault is included in all subscriptions and is an easy archiving solution for those already using Addo Sign.

Why bother with cumbersome archiving processes

Addo Vault aims to eliminate complicated and time-consuming archiving procedures. We make it easy for you and ensure that signed contracts are archived in the cloud, so you can always retrieve them.

Included in all subscriptions.

E-archiving is your choice

By default, signed documents are deleted after 10 days in Addo Sign, so you need to download and save them in your own archiving solutions within 10 days. If you activate Addo Vault, the documents will remain in the cloud, and you can always find them along with the entire signing process log. All it takes is an Addo 10, Addo 50, Addo 100, or enterprise subscription.

Unlimited storage

Addo Vault offers unlimited space for archiving your signed documents.


Along with every document, the signature history is also saved, so you always know when, how, and who was involved.


Archived documents can be easily downloaded as soon as you need them.

Free upgrade to Addo Vault

Upgrade from Addo Starter to Addo Subscription and get free access to Addo Vault. Use our buy-back-credits program for your unused credits/signings. Fill out below and we will contact you afterwards.


Get started with e-archiving and digital signing. 10 monthly signatures and unlimited users 18 EUR