Easy, fast and convenient digital signatures

Sign your documents with 3 clicks, and manage the process in real time. Sign any document, anywhere.

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Uniquely secure

Secure identification of signers with eID

Make signature and document management more secure with recognized solutions for identification, such as two-factor authentication and e-identification - and at the same time follow all European standards for digital signing. Provide your signers with reinforced security and legal value, and sign your documents with the highest level standard for digital signatures with Addo Sign.

Easy for all

Smooth digital signing in minutes

Once your signature request has been sent, everything runs automatically afterwards. The recipient will be notified by an email or text message, and guided through the signing process. Pretty smooth and very straightforward.

Features that reduce administrative burden

Simple overview

Clear overview of the ongoing signature process.

Automatic reminders

Reduce your workload and automate the reminding process.

Design your workflows

Create and reuse workflows to reduce repetitive tasks.

Connect to your archive

Send your documents to your e-archive or your digital mailbox.

Add your branding

Add your logo and brand colors and make sure the signer recognised your brand.

Microsoft Office

Send documents directly from MS Office or any other Windows program.

Additional users, free of charge

No extra cost if you want to add additional users to your company licence.

Google Drive

Upload your signed documents directly into your Google Drive.

Send bulk emails

Send one or more documents to many recipients at once.

Secure file transfer

Easily encrypt and send confidential files so that no one can intercept them.

For an easier workday

Retire your printer, paper and pen

Printing documents for signing with a pen is time consuming and cumbersome. Customers and employees demand simple digital solutions that ensure that the work is carried out efficiently. Paper unnecessarily burdens the environment and is completely avoidable. Digital signing is a safer and more environmentally conscious choice and it ensures that confidential documents do not flow in random email or post boxes.

Compliant with Addo sign

What about GDPR? Are digital signatures really legally valid?

Yes, they are. An electronic signature signed with e-identification is as legally binding as a signature made with a ballpoint pen, and also meets all rules and requirements regarding GDPR.

Easy for everyone

Integrate Addo Sign to your favourite apps - even the specially developed ones

You can easily integrate Addo Sign with your existing IT systems, so you can create the exact digital signature solution your business needs. Addo Sign has a secure and accessible API that makes it easy to integrate with both standard products and specially developed systems. We help many of our customers to develop integration solutions.

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