Digital signing, online forms, and secure identification

Addo Sign, Addo ID and Addo Form are products that ensure a seamless and secure everyday life with digital transactions, online signatures, data collection, and secure personal identification.

Addo Products

Digital signatures
Digital forms
MitID and BankID authentication

Services Included

Included services in all subscriptions

Sign digitally across the EU


Service abonnement
Easy integration to the public sector
Send documents to e-Boks
Send documents to

Unlimited users

Addo Sign has unlimited users in all our subscriptions. This means that your company only needs one license, no matter how many users are on the solution.

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Use freely

Create as many users as your company needs. No additional licenses are required.

Everyone can sign

You don't need an Addo Sign user to sign; it only requires an account if you're sending a document for signature.

No sign, no fee

You only pay when the recipient signs. If the recipient chooses not to sign, you won't be charged for any signatures.