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Addo Sign makes managing employee contracts a whole lot easier. Automate, optimise and simplify your HR processes with digital signatures.

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Streamlined contract signing processes

Automate your paperwork

With Addo Sign you can easily send employment contracts, forms, appendixes and other HR documents for digital signature.

Reminders, archiving and documentation is managed by Addo Sign automatically - so free up your time to focus on what matters and enable your HR team to create, send, sign and store documents in one place.

Powerful features for HR professionals

Reduce paper work with forms

Collect information from employees with our user-friendly forms, fillable on any device.


Automate routines with templates

Automate your repeated contracts and agreements with reusable templates from your content library.


Stay on track with reminders

Setup automatic reminders to get notified about any outstanding documents.


Top notch digital security

Addo Sign fully complies with both technical and legal requirements in the GDPR and the Personal Data Regulation. For that reason sensitive personal information will never be sent as plain text.

In return, all transactions and actions are automatically logged, so you always have full control over the documentation.

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