Ensure the highest level og legal security and compliance

Digital signatures are a secure and compliant way to speed up legal processes. Improve client experience, reduce agreement turnaround times, and keep your legal team organised and productive.

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Streamlined contract signing processes

Keep the case moving forward

There's no need for paperwork, scanning, or wasting time. Delight your clients with a simple and quick signing process that ensures greatest legal protection.

As a lawyer, there are many documents that need to be signed on a daily basis, either by you or your clients. It can quickly take a lot of time to send the documents back and forth, as well as keep track of them - that process is made easier with Addo Sign.

Digital signatures save you time and money, and speed up case processing - something that is beneficial for both you and the client.

With Addo Sign, it is easy to sign everything from purchase contracts to power of attorney - through any device.

"Addo Sign reaches everyone, both the busy client travelling abroad or the many members of the board. With Addo Sign, we obtain signatures digitally, quickly, easily and above all professionally."

- Jesper Langemark, Partner, Bird & Bird

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Powerful features for law professionals

Reduce paper work with forms

Collect information from clients with our user-friendly forms, fillable on any device.


Automate routines with templates

Automate your repeated contracts and agreements for faster document preparation.


Stay on track with reminders

Setup automatic reminders to get notified about any outstanding documents.


Multiple signers on the same document

Do more people have to sign the same document? No problem at all. With digital signatures, you can easily and quickly obtain approval from all parties - even if some may be abroad.

You define whether everyone can sign at once, or whether Addo Sign must obtain the signatures in a certain order.

With digital signatures, it becomes much more efficient to sign supplementary agreements, purchase contracts, founding documents, deeds or something completely different.

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