Digital Post integration

Send documents for digital signing in Digital Post (NgDP). Integration solution for municipalities, agencies and public organizations.

Send documents for signature in Digital Post

With a Digital Post integration, you as a public authority will be ready to distribute documents for digital signing. You can thus meet citizens in accordance with the common public principles for the use of digital mail, also when it comes to obtaining electronic signatures on documents.

Leading the way in digital signing for the public sector

Addo Sign has for many years been a leader in digital signing for municipalities and public institutions throughout the Nordic region. Our solution is used by many municipalities, agencies and organizations in Denmark, but we are also a major player in this area in Sweden and Norway.

Our expertise in the public sector is therefore considerable, and we would love to tell you more about what we can contribute if you and your organization would like to learn more.

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Digital signing eliminates the need for physical presence or paperwork, accelerating processes. Documents can be signed and approved electronically via Digital Post, saving time for both citizens and municipal employees.

Easy traceability

Digital signing provides an easy and accurate way to track and verify signatures. This can be useful for audits, audits and litigation.

Better service

By offering digital signature options, the municipality can improve service levels for citizens by making it easier for them to submit and process documents without physical presence.

Consulting and projects

Addo Sign is a standard solution that is purchased on subscription. It's not something we have to build for you, so an implementation project is simple.

We help you get started, ensure you get the most out of the solution, understand the relatively simple interface, and stay in constant contact and dialog. Often this is done through online meetings. It doesn't get any harder.

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