e-Boks integration

Send documents to Danish recipients in e-Boks directly from Addo Sign. Affordable and simple integration solution for e-Boks.

Send documents to Danish recipients in e-Boks

With an e-Boks integration, you are able to distribute documents directly to e-Boks. This way, the entire Addo Sign signing process can be handled through e-Boks and you can automatically save contracts and documents in your company's own e-Boks.

The integration works with both private and business e-Boks. Before you can use e-Boks, you need to sign up by contacting us. The setup costs nothing, but requires a small additional subscription to Addo Sign.

Get started with e-Boks

e-Boks notification

When a document needs to be signed, notification can be sent to the recipient's e-Boks and the signing process is initiated from there.

Receipt in e-Boks

Once the document is signed, it can be sent to the signer's e-Boks. Both to a private e-Boks or a company e-Boks.

Set up

We take care of the setup for e-Boks and on behalf of you and your company, we make the agreement with e-Boks. All you need to do is contact us.

Yes please, contact me regarding e-Boks

Contact us if you want to be set up on e-Boks or want a dialog about it.