Denmark's only signing solution with direct integration to Optimize the paper flow to customers and employees in the simplest way possible.

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Addo Sign is the only signing solution with 100% integration to This means that you can easily send contracts for digital signing and other documents directly to recipients in

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It's simple to send documents to and easy to get started. We help with the setup. Notification

When a document needs to be signed, notification is typically sent via email or text message, but with connected, it can also be delivered directly to the recipient's

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If the signed document is to be delivered to the signer in, all you need to do is select this before sending the document for signature.

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To use the solution, your company must have a agreement. After that, it's quite simple, but we will of course help you set up and connect in Addo Sign, and together we will check that everything works as it should.

Help make it simple for citizens in Denmark is for all citizens who have MitID. Here they can access important information from public authorities, institutions, companies and organizations. When your company uses, it benefits citizens and our common digitalization in Denmark.

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Needs already solved with Addo Sign and

Property management

Lease agreements, notices, termination notices and other types of legal documents are easily and efficiently delivered to tenants through This gives you legal documentation of the date and time the tenant has received your letters.


Lawyers use to send documents to clients. With, this is done efficiently and within all conceivable GDPR requirements. It is both important and a good service that clients have lifelong and secure access to the documents.


Many companies already send payslips to employees' For example, from popular payroll systems from Visma. Now you can also send employment contracts for signature and other HR-related documents to employees. This is made easy with Addo Sign +


It costs 300 DKK per month for the integration. This amount is paid to Addo Sign. In addition, payment is made for the documents delivered to This is done according to current rates and is invoiced by

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If you already have a business account, all we need to do is set up the integration in Addo Sign. Fill out the form below and we will contact you to make sure it works as it should.

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If your company does not yet have a company account on, this must be created first. You need to contact and set up an account. Then you can contact Addo Sign and we will help you with the setup.

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