Enhancing the hiring process and reduction in manual tasks

NCC uses Visma Addo to optimise the hiring process and digitise their HR department.

An optimised hiring process

Here at NCC, Visma is one of our suppliers, which is why we also recently chose to use digital signatures from Visma Addo in our HR department.

The signing process - digitized and more efficient

Previously, when NCC had to hire new employees, the process was based on regular letter mail. The contract was first sent by internal mail to the manager, who would sign it and send it back to HR. The contract was then sent by post to the new employee, who would sign it and send it back to HR.

This entire process has become much more efficient as it is now digitised. Before, NCC could easily spend at least 14 days waiting for the contact to be returned. The situation now is completely different as the entire process has been cut down to an hour and a half. The optimization of the hiring process has been of great benefit to both new employees and NCC’s HR employees.

"A colleague was ecstatic the first time she used Visma Addo as she had received back the contract from both parties within a few hours. We had never tried that before."

– Carina Salmon, Business Solution Specialist, NCC

Reduced administrative workload

With digital signatures from Visma Addo, NCC no longer has to spend time, for example, printing out the contracts or scanning them in again once returned. When NCC receives a signed contract from a new employee, they have it directly inside the system, which reduces the administrative workload. In addition to a reduced administrative workload, NCC is also pleased to be able to save money on paper and shipping costs.

"With Visma Addo, in addition to a reduced administrative workload, we are also pleased to be able to save money on paper and shipping costs."

– Carina Salmon, Business Solution Specialist, NCC

Visma Addo is well received by NCC’s employees

Visma Addo has been well received at NCC. There has been an overwhelming positive response from their employees after testing the solution and experiencing how effective Visma Addo is.

  • check NCC experiences less waiting time and a faster hiring process
  • check NCC saves money on paper and shipping costs
  • check Reduced administrative workload
  • check NCC has experienced a positive response from employees

About NCC

NCC is one of Northern Europe's leading companies in construction, real estate development and infrastructure with a turnover of DKK 41.6 billion and 14,500 employees. The NCC share is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

NCC in Denmark consists of the business areas NCC Building, NCC Property Development, NCC Industry and NCC Infrastructure.

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