Revision Vadestedet

Expediting and automating the case process

Revision Vadestedet uses Addo Sign for faster and more simple processing of cases.

Faster case processing

Revision Vadestedet uses Addo Sign to collect signatures on the documents they send to their customers. These include annual reports, appendices to tax returns, declarations and minutes. In the past, it could take weeks or months before these documents came back, but with Addo Sign, the whole process is digitised.

Better overviev and automation

With Addo Sign, Revision Vadestedet has an overview of the documents that are awaiting signatures, and if there are more people who need to sign, we can easily see who needs to be reminded in order to complete the process. Revision Vadestedet has set up Addo Sign in a way, so that reminders are automatically sent if a document is not signed. This has meant that the number of ongoing cases has been reduced and that they are generally processed faster than before.

"After we have started using Addo Sign, we experience that the processing of the cases is both faster and simpler."

– Leif Stolberg-Rohr Nørskov, State authorised auditor, Revision Vadestedet

Customer satisfaction on the rise

Some of Revision Vadestedet customers still prefer a personal meeting where the documents are signed physically, but an ever-growing part of their customers see the benefits of digital signatures from Addo Sign. Working together with Revision Vadestedet, Addo Sign has accommodated specific needs of the company, based on the feedback from their employees as well as their customers, with the aim to elevate and improve the signing experience.

Revision Vadested experienced the following improvements:

  • check Improved processes in the signing flow
  • check Better overview of ongoing signings
  • check Faster case processing
  • check Satisfied customers

About Revision Vadestedet

Revision Vadestedet is an approved auditing firm from Næstved, which has provided quality services to the Danish business community for more than 80 years. Their 15 employees, who between them represent 250 years of experience within the accounting profession.

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