Key things you should know before choosing a subscription

Addo Sign is designed so that our pricing model suits both businesses with a small or large need to send contracts for signature and utilize our additional services. In this article, we will discuss what you should consider when choosing your Addo Sign subscription plan.

Unlimited users on all plans

All our plans include unlimited users, a groundbreaking feature. Unlike other products, you don't need a subscription for each user in your organization.

Price model

In order to provide an financially attractive solution for both companies that only need to sign documents occasionally and those that send many documents for signature, Addo Sign operates on a pay-as-you-go or subscription model. It's up to you and your business what suits you best. But either way, we offer an attractive and competitive solution in the market.

One signing

In Addo Sign, you pay per signature, so if two parties need to sign the same document, two signatures are used. It's a simple and sensible approach that reduces costs in the long run. Our goal is to create a solution where customers only pay when they actually use the product.

Sign multiple documents

You can pay either through a subscription where the signatures are deducted from your monthly or yearly usage or choose a pay-as-you-go option where you have pre-purchased signatures. Pay-as-you-go is very beneficial for businesses with very minimal needs; however, the price is also high. So, if you need to sign more than just occasionally, a subscription is the most cost-effective option for you.

Touch or eID signing

Our subscriptions include a variety of signing methods. Our standard signing method is called touch signing, where the recipient signs on the mobile screen. All subscriptions are calculated based on touch signing, but without any additional subscription, all our eIDs can be used. This could be MitID, BankID, or eIDAS. The cost for these is slightly higher, usually charging 1.25 times the cost of a standard signature. So, for a subscription of 10 monthly signatures, this equates to 8 eID signatures. However, eIDs can have different prices, so please refer to our pricing page for individual eID prices.

Reduce cost of multiple documents

If many documents need to be signed by the same person, you can choose to allow the recipient to sign all documents with one signature. With that option enabled, you only pay for one signing plus an additional 0.25 signing fee. No matter how many documents are signed.

So how to choose the right subscription?


You should estimate how many documents you send for signature each month and how many signatories there are on the documents. Multiply the two numbers and find the subscription that best matches your needs.

If your usage varies throughout the year, perhaps with higher demand in some months, it's advantageous to opt for an annual subscription. This way, you gain access to all the available signatures and are not limited by how many you can send per month.

Subscription samples

Addo 50 / month
50 monthly signatures are included. Monthly billing.

Addo 50 / year
600 annual signatures are included, plus a 10% saving. Annual billing.

See more subscriptions on our prices page or contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you and your business with a leading digital signing solution.

Get started with digital signing. 10 monthly signatures and an unlimited number of users.
18 EUR