Nordic Solar

Automating customer journey with massive time savings

Nordic Solar uses Addo Sign for bulk sending of multiple documents to multiple users and cuts turnaround time by 75 %.

Faster reaction time and time saving

Nordic Solar, a leader in solar cell investments, optimised their workflows by digitising bulk send. With Addo Sign they they are better able to serve their customers, achieve faster transactions and achieve enormous time and money savings.

"75% manual work saved. Time to market strengthened, and a timely servicing of our customers achieved."

– Anders Søgaard-Jensen, Sales Director, Nordic Solar

Faster business transactions with digital signature

When we make larger transactions, many customers are involved and if we had to make manual mass broadcasts it would take far too long. Prior to the integration with Addo Sign and Omnidocs, it easily took us two days of full-time work to do a mass broadcast. Today we are done long before lunch. With the solution, it means that we can react much faster and actually save a lot of time.

With our current business setup, we will not be able to do without digital signature. When we make a so-called Capital Call; where we withdraw money from customers, the entire paperwork must take place in a maximum of 2 weeks. If we had to wait for the postal service, it would not be possible at all. That is why we are deeply dependent on a solution like Addo Sign.

The signature processes run securely and automatically

Once the document has been sent, it all happens automatically. The recipient receives an SMS or e-mail, thereby gaining access to read and sign the document. If there are several signatories, the document is automatically sent around to everyone, and eventually lands safely with the sender.

Customers can easily fill out forms in Omnidocs

We use Omnidocs to build all our forms, which the customer must fill in depending on the investment the customer wants to agree on. It's all part of an unified process, and Addo Sign and Omnidocs work great in interaction with each other.

About Nordic Solar

Nordic Solar was established in 2010 and has since its inception invested in sustainable solar energy, combined with an attractive return for shareholders. Nordic Solar’s mission is to create a small denomination share, so that many more people in the future will have the opportunity to buy shares and invest their money in solar energy.

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