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Liisabika uses Addo Sign to sign contracts digitally and identify verification.

Greater confidence in the signing process

Liisabike business has been selling Christiania bicycles for many years. When they started leasing the bikes out, they needed a more efficient system where customers could sign a contract and verify who they were.

Before, the whole process was manual, where the contract was sent to the customer by email and then it would be printed out and signed in the store when the customer picked up their bike. The process was cumbersome and there was a feeling that if someone wanted to scam Liisabike, then it would be pretty easy to do so.

With Addo Sign, the entire signing process is now digital. As customers verify themselves with NemID, Liisabike feels less exposed to fraud and at the same time the solution provides them with a safer handling of customers' contracts.

"With Addo Sign we are securely handling customers' contracts and at the same time optimising our administrative processes."

– Risenga Manghezi, CEO, Liisabike

Credibility and ease of use

Both customers and employees have welcomed the digital signature from Addo Sign. Customers find it very natural to sign digitally and at the same time experience that the process has become more smooth.

We see digital signature from Addo Sign as a credible product that is easy to use. It gives our business a kind of credibility, and a protection against fraud. On a scale of 1 to 10, we would give the product somewhere between 8 and 9 as we are very satisfied and have not had any issues with it, sals Risenga Manghezi.

  • check Greater protection against fraud
  • check Greater confidence in the handling of contracts
  • check Satisfied customers and employees
  • check A smooth process
  • check Optimization of administrative tasks

About Liisabike

Liisabike was founded in the year 2016 and offers hassle-free subscriptions on high quality cargo bikes for urban families. Nice and easy.

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