Simplifying the signing process and improving security of personal data

Innomate uses Addo Sign to shorten the agreement process and safeguard sensitive personal data.

Mutually beneficial development cooperation

When Innomate chose to collaborate with Addo Sign, it was crucial for them that they got a solution that could be integrated into their own HR solution. Innomate have been very satisfied with Addo Sign and consider the solution easy to work with.

When the integration was completed, Innomate encountered some limitations which Addo Sign has been good at picking up on and resolving. For that reason, the management of Innomate viewed the cooperation between the two companies has mutually beneficial.

"With digital signatures from Addo Sign, we help our customers simplify their workflows and safeguard sensitive personal data."

– Karsten Jørgensen, CEO, Innomate

Integrating Addo Sign with Innomate HR

Innomate is a software company that provides cloud-based HR solutions. As a part of Innomates solution, they offer Addo Sign as a digital signing method. It can therefore be said that Innomate offers Addo Sign as a service to their customers, through their own solution INNOMATE HR. In addition, they use digital signatures from Addo Sign internally in the company, both when they enter into customer agreements and of course also in connection with personnel documents.

Before implementing digital signatures from Addo Sign, entering into agreements with other parties was a difficult process. The signing process was time consuming and it was difficult to keep track of where a document was in the process.

With Addo Sign, Innomate now has a single-string solution where you can follow the documents from start to finish. In addition, they avoid having documents with sensitive data floating around, because everything is digitised and protected - both during the signing process and in their other systems.

  • check A simplified and more secure signing process
  • check Less administrative work
  • check Opportunity for integration and development cooperation
  • check An easy and intuitive solution

About Innomate

With a strong combination of competencies within HR and software development, Innomate A/S delivers HR solutions that help companies optimise and professionalise their HR processes in completely new ways.

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