Improving the hiring experience and reduction in costs

COOR's HR department uses Visma Addo to issue employment contracts. Contract turnover time has been reduced substantially with added reduction in cost and complexity.

We have reduced waiting time and save on shipping costs

In COOR's HR department, we use Visma Addo to send out employment contracts. We no longer have to wait to get an employment contract returned. Before we moved to Visma Addo in COOR, we sent out employment contracts by regular mail. Unfortunately, the process was rather slow and very costly. We are happy that we can now save both on the waiting time and the postage.

"Visma Addo simplifies the entire work process in our HR department. It's much more manageable to find out what we've been sent out and what we've not sent out."

– Anja Dam-Nielsen, HR Assistent, COOR

Visma Addo gives us a better overview

Visma Addo has provided us with an exceptional overview. Before we started using Visma Addo, we had a hard time getting an overview of what came back when we issued contracts and allowances internally within COOR. Some contracts were often sent out, for which no signature was received. It has become incredibly easy to follow up, now that everything is happening digitally.

Things move so much easier and faster now, and we actually receive answers back when we issue contracts for digital signing. Visma Addo simplifies and make our workday easier.

  • check We have a better overview of issued contracts
  • check Our everyday has become so much easier
  • check We have reduced waiting time and save on shipping costs

About COOR

COOR is a leading facility management provider in the Nordics. In Denmark, COOR services more than 30,000 service users daily, at more than 300 addresses. With over 6,300 employees, COOR operates primarily in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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