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Cutting administation time and improving the client experience

Bird & Bird uses Addo Sign to optimise the time-consuming process of obtaining signatures.

Reaching the client on a trip abroad

Addo Sign reaches out to everyone, both the busy client traveling abroad or the many members of a board. With Addo Sign, we collect signatures digitally, quickly, easily and above all professionally. Effective for both us and our clients.

"We streamline our business by offering clients a simple and easy way to sign agreements digitally. Clients can thus sign contracts, agreements, financial statements, protocols or the like with digital signatures, on the medium they prefer, and when they have time."

– Jesper Langemark, Managing Partner, Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird saves on adminstrative time

Addo Sign supports the entire signature process and handles mailings, reminders and finally distribution of the signed documents. This saves us a lot of administrative time at Bird & Bird.

  • check We reach all our clients easily and quickly
  • check The process has become faster, more efficient and more professional
  • check We have reduced manual and administrative work

About Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird is an international law firm that in 2015 included clients from more than 118 countries and employs more than 1,000 legal advisors. Bird & Bird focuses on helping organisations being changed by technology and the digital world.

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