A faster, greener and more 
effective agreement process

Avinor uses Visma Addo to streamline the
signing process and reduce admin.

Streamlining the signing process

Obtaining a signed document physically is very demanding for most businesses. For that reason it was a very important factor for Avinor to streamline the signing process.

The signing process is now both faster and much easier. They no longer have to wait for the customer to print, sign and scan the documents. The signed agreement is now just a click away.

"With Visma Addo, we are experiencing a streamlining of several signing processes, which previously required a lot of time and administration."

– Yvonne Rydningen Head of Group Purchasing, Construction and Airport Operations at Avinor

Quickly up and running with Visma Addo

One of the advantages of Visma Addo is that it is very easy to use, as well as easy to understand for all employees in the business. This was an advantage that Avinor greatly appreciated.

According to Avinor, the benefit of using Visma Addo is:

  • check Optimization of administrative tasks
  • check Faster processes
  • check Environmentally friendly
  • check Satisfied customers and employees

"The system is easy to get started with and requires little training. Visma Addo is a very intuitive tool, and is one of the biggest accomplishments procurement has made in many years."

– Yvonne Rydningen, Head of Group Purchasing, Construction and Airport Operations at Avinor

About Avinor

Avinor Group has two primary business areas: operation of a nationwide network of airports and the National Air Navigation service for civilian and military aviation. Avinor is responsible for 44 state-owned airports, and the air security service for civil and military aviation in Norway. This network binds Norway together - and Norway together with the world. Around 3,000 employees are responsible for planning, expanding and operating a combined airport and flight security system.

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