Lack of focus in HR can be decisive   

The employment contract has been sent and you are eagerly waiting for the signature. But you could have made it easier for both yourself and the candidate.

 Nikoline Astrid Lundberg 
Process Improvement Manager

We are fighting the same battle, but against each other

Never before has there been so much competition on the labor market. Danish companies are fighting for the same resources, and employees therefore have room to be critical of their future job opportunities.

It is an employee's market, and it provides good cards in hand when negotiating salary and employee benefits. But the company's culture, working conditions and physical location are also decisive when choosing the new job.

Companies are in fierce competition with each other, and the winners are those who manage to focus on all the details in the recruitment process, so that the candidate experiences being in dialogue with an up-to-date and efficient company.

Recruiting an employee can be compared to having to sell a product, whereas the recruitment process can be compared to a buying process. You know how important the buying process is to your behavior, regardless of whether you buy something in a physical store or on the internet. All details in the process are decisive for whether you end up completing the purchase. This is also the case in a recruitment process.

"Companies make it difficult for themselves and do not make optimal use of digital solutions"

- Nikoline

If you are one of the many companies that continue to send employment contracts for signature by e-mail, read on, others can stop here.

Sending an employment contract by e-mail does not comply with regulations on the handling of sensitive personal data, but in addition the signer is faced with an unnecessary challenge, few people know how to sign a digital document.

Companies present signatories with a dilemma, at the same time it exhibits a lack of focus on the use of up-to-date digital solutions, which can be experienced as something negative. Even worse, it reduces the chances that the contract will be renewed quickly - then the candidate is left with other job opportunities on hand and then there is room for the candidate to suddenly have doubts.

"HR organizations agree that it has made everyday life more efficient"

- Nikoline

Through the use of a digital signature solution, it is as easy as putting a signature on a real piece of paper. Our data shows that in many cases digital employment contracts are signed and paid for in less than an hour, and the HR organizations that use digital signing agree that it has made everyday work more efficient.

5 specific things that you can do 

  • Review your recruitment process as if it were a buying process. Interview new hires about their experience and ask them to be honest. Then you will definitely find out elements in the process that can be improved.
  • Focus on whether your current signature process is optimal for the candidate. Ask candidates if they prefer an email or digital signature solution.
  • A digital signature solution can also handle an internal signature process. Consider whether this can be beneficial for the efficiency of your own business, and reduce the time until the candidate receives the employment contract.
  • Investigate whether you already have HR systems that offer digital signing of contracts. Addo Sign is already integrated into a large number of HR solutions. If not, it can easily be integrated into your workflow.
  • Create a free account and try Addo Sign. You can also contact us for an oline demonstration, so you can see with your own eyes how you can use it in HR.