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How to make your everyday life easier with digital signing ad documents

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With electronic signing of documents, you can easily, quickly and securely collect all signatures digitally. Obtaining a signature can otherwise be a slow and exspensive process.

When the signatory receives the document, it must be read through, there may be corrections that need to be made, and then the document must be sent back again. Before you look around, you have spent many days getting a signed document back. It requires time and resources for all parties. Addo Sign is an electronic signing solution that reduces administrative work and eliminates the slow process.

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Compared to the alternative of printing and signing with a pen, electronic signature of documents can save you time and trouble. With e-signature of documents, you get your signatures quickly and can get on with other important tasks.

How to sign documents electronically

Getting signatures on the contract or other documents can be a slow process. But you can speed up the process and do it all electronically with Addo Sign easily, quickly and securely. Here's how you do it:

  • Upload your pdf, word or excel document to Addo Sign
  • Select the recipients who must have access to the documents and sign
  • Set the deadline for when the recipients must see the documents and sign electronically
  • The signatories receive a link to the document by e-mail or SMS. They sign digitally and immediately on a computer, tablet or smartphone

The signed document is automatically sent to both of you. No personally sensitive data is sent in plain text and the GDPR rules are complied with to the letter. The documents themselves are not saved, but all transactions and actions in Addo Sign are logged and can always be documented. You can have an electronic signature obtained in a few minutes. It doesn't get any easier or faster and security is top notch.

Illustration: Sådan underskriver du dokumenter elektronisk

Illustration: Sådan underskriver du dokumenter elektronisk

Create value with e-signature of documents

With e-signature of contracts and other documents, your company can easily, securely and quickly collect all signatures digitally. E-signature of documents is a tool that helps both you and your customers to create value in your everyday life. You can use digital signatures in many different constellations.

As an HR employee, a signature on a contract must be obtained. If you are an accountant, the minutes or annual accounts must be signed, and if you are a real estate agent, the deed must be signed by the buyer. You can use electronic signing of documents in all situations where a document needs to be signed.

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Life becomes easier with electronic signature

You optimize the process for obtaining signed documents by doing it all electronically with Addo Sign easily, quickly and securely. An approval process with Addo Sign is done in a few minutes, where a corresponding paper process easily takes a week.

The automatic reminders to recipients also save considerable administrative time for you and your employees. There is no obligation and you only pay for the signatures and services you use. Try e-signature in Addo Sign today and create value for you and your employees.