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Forms within Addo Sign is our universe of forms that can make gathering information much more simple with customised forms and company-specific expressions.

 Nikoline Astrid Lundberg 
Process Improvement Manager

Apply your own PDF

Gathering information can be a cumbersome process...

A feature that can insert customer information directly into your coperate PDF file. In this way, you can obtain desired information via. designed forms, have it inserted into your PDF and thus make the document look the way you want, with your company design, colors and logo.

This allows you to upload PDFs that you have already prepared with colour, text and logos from your company, but let Addo Sign collect the required information from the customer. It will recognize the blanks in your PDF file and once the customer has filled in all the required information, Addo Sign will insert the customer's entered information into your uploaded PDF file. The result, with filled in blanks, will then appear in your PDF and the customer can sign the agreement or document.

In other words, Addo Sign helps you retrieve desired information from customers and insert it into your PDF. The document is therefore filled in through the forms and is formed with your look and feel. 

Forms within Addo Sign can be used by even the least IT-savy and can save you a lot of time. Once you have created the first form for gathering contact information, consent or similar, the same form can be used again and again - but at the same time customized for each recipient. 

By integrating Addo Sign and using our forms you can...

... Save time by creating a form that can be reused over and over again, while being customised for each recipient.

... Close deals faster when you can take advantage of all the processes being done digitally. This way you can manage, send and sign important documents wherever you are and send automatic reminders to the recipient.

... Eliminate human error and ensure you get the information right first time. 

... Track important documents in your event log and you'll never be in doubt about where in the signing process your documents are.

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