Streamline your data collection through automated forms

Improve the user experience and simplify the process for both sender and receiver with forms in Addo Sign.

 Nikoline Astrid Lundberg 
Process Improvement Manager

Recycle and save time

There are always more and more opportunities to implement digital tools to optimize your daily processes. Addo Forms is no exception.

Addo Forms can be used by even the least IT-savvy and can save you a lot of time. Once you have created the first form for obtaining contact information, declaration of consent or the like, the same form can be used again and again - but at the same time adapted to the individual recipient. This saves you a lot of unnecessary trouble with printing and signing the old traditional way - with pen and paper.​

"It has become much easier to obtain information from our employees and students."

Anette Nielsen, Salary and personnel consultant at FGU Nordvestsjælland

Close deals faster 

One of the advantages of having your workflows digital is that you can save a lot of time by not having to print every document that needs to be signed. You can therefore manage, send, and sign important documents, consent forms, or questionnaires wherever you are you are in. Information that are known in advance can also be synchronized in the forms, improving the user experience and simplifying the process for both sender and receiver.

It gives a head start when it comes to gathering data. It is regardless of whether the data is to be obtained from a customer in another part of the country or an employee in another department.

Eliminate human error

We all make mistakes - but sometimes simple mistakes can be the most annoying. Having to send documents back and forth because of a small mistake is quite stressful. Fortunately, most mistakes can be eliminated and you can ensure that you obtain and receive correct information the first time. With Addo Forms you can prepare proposals, offers, declarations of consent, KYC forms, and set up many other forms for collecting data - and adapt them to the individual purpose.

By minimizing human error from the equation, you can keep your workflows optimal - and at the same time as simple for your customers, employees, and other users as possible.

Keep track of important documents

There is nothing worse than losing track of important documents, contracts, or potential agreements. Every action with the forms can be tracked; when they are received, opened, or signed and recorded in an event log. This way you will always know the status of the documents you have sent out.

Plus, automatic reminders can be sent. So instead of having to follow up on every single document, the recipient is automatically reminded to respond to what has been sent.


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